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We at Southsnap Media understand that creating an online business is tough and time consuming work. Which is why we're are offering a business startup service. This service is designed to take a offline business and create all the things needed to get your business operational online. 

Why  This  is  Important  for  your  Business?

Today's digital age or information age has changed the traditional way of conducting business. In today's markets creating a robust digital infrastructure for your business is the single most important part of any businesses success story. Poor digital infrastructure often makes it harder for a business to connect to its customers or clients. This digital infrastructure can come in the form of a website, an e-commerce platform or a social media page. It can even be a cocktail of all of three. Either way, harnessing the potential of the online market will help any business profoundly. Some of the benefits of an online business are covered below.

Benefits  to  your  business

Business Accessibility

According to the Office for National Statistics as of 2018, 90% of the UK's population have been recent internet users and according to some estimates 55% of the UK's population now prefer to shop online. When considering the amount of people who use the internet that number of people choosing to shop online could increase even further in coming years. As a result, the world has become smaller and markets have changed. Therefore, so to has the way in which customers interact with businesses. Long gone are the days of browsing the yellow pages to find a service you're looking for. Instead, everything is only a few Google searches away. Consequently, if you have a business operating purely offline there could be a whole new market of potential customers your business is failing to reach. The problem with this, is that a business competitor who does have a online presence will have the competitive edge on your business, as they'll be able to capitalise on a far larger untapped customer base. Therefore, in terms of business accessibility, having an online presence will only ever increase how effortlessly customers can find information about your business, its prices, services, hours et cetera. This can even be achieve outside of classical business hours. Going online allows your business to be accessable  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Businesses that were originally open for one third of the day are now able to stay open online all the time. Imagine the positive impact having a brand that never sleeps would have on you business.

Transparency of Products and Services. 

The internet also offers businesses the ability to showcase what they're all about over a universal platform. This could come in the form of a portfolio of work, testimonials and reviews from clients, product feedback, an album on a Facebook page with photos of your newest products. All this helps customers know exactly what your services is and how well its delivered, all without leaving their home.  Many customers would actually prefer to be able to browse products or services instead of of visiting in person.

Easier Marketing

The internet is an excellent marketing tool. Its a cost effective way of spreading information about your business to protentually unlimited numbers of people. This is because its use effectively allows your business go international enabling you to connect with a customers base otherwise unreachable due to distance. On a marketing level, this can make it easier to promote products, generate new leads, save money, connect with potential clients and increase sales and brand awareness.

Improved Relationships With Current and Potential Customers.

It is generally accepted that having a good working relationship with your customers harbors better customer retention overall. A business that communicates to its customers allows it to appear more 'human' and approachable. Therefore, it's in every businesses favour to want to evolve their customer service based on how customers want to be engaged. Moving into an age where 68% of customers prefer to engage with businesses online via digital messaging channels to submit enquiries, receive answers and engage with customer service teams opposed to using the traditional phone or email shows that these traditional time consuming methods are becoming obsolete. Going online will allow your business to communicate instantly with your customers 24/7, increase business accountability, save money, and increase customer support. All of which increases customer service, retention and engagement. 

Different  WAy's  To  Bring  You  Online





Social Media


Combination Package

The  Process

1​ Establish who you are and what you want to achieve.

2 Create a brand around this/ or utilise and existing brand you already have.

Is your business offline only?​ Enquire now and we'll see what we can do to help you to get your business operating online.

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