Nearly There... But, still so much to do.

For the last couple of months now the team at Southsnap Media have been working tirelessly to get the website up and running. I thought I'd take this time to update all of you interested in our progress on where we're up to at the moment.

Currently, as it stands the website is still in a bit of disarray. We've been trying our hardest to get as much content onto the site as we can. But, still some pages require a lot of work. Therefore, we'll continue over the coming days to add more to each page, to try and populate them as much as possible. I'm sure any of you who have designed a website will know this is a time consuming process.

The other problem we've had in the development phase of the website is that we've gone through several iterations of how the website should look. The first design we had, we decided didn't work and look as we originally envisioned. Therefore, alongside populating the website we've also been doing a rather large revamp of how the website should look and be navigated. All of this has been done to make the experience of navigating our site as user friendly as possible. Paying particular care to not throw too much information towards the reader.

Although we don't have an exact date just yet as to when the site will be finished, we are looking to finish it before mid May.

Rest assured next week we'll have far more to tell you about regarding how the business development is coming on and some exciting new information.

Happy snapping, cya next week guys.



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