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  • Anthony - Theatre Production Company


    "South Snap Media have helped us out so much. We needed some media done last minute, and they were so kind in taking on our offer and helping us out. They are such a professional company and are extremely responsive to any edits you need on your work. Their time efficiency is also second to none, making sure the product gets to you as soon as you need it. I couldn't recommend this company more!!"

  • Chris - Butchers


    "I can’t thank Southsnap Media enough,Matt has done filming several times for me now (for promotional purposes) and it's amazing!
    Incredible filming techniques and photography too.
    We will be using southsnap again and again."

  • Jamie - Tree Surgeon


    "Matt and Rob from Southsnap Media created a fantastic promotional video for my business and also revamped my website:
    Great service. Will use again in the future."

Logger cutting wood with chainsaw

Spartan Tree Care

Fast paced short videos highlighting key features of business

Jamie, manager of Spartan Tree Care, asked us to provide a short video that covers all aspects of his Tree Cutting business.


We edited the video in an exciting and fast-paced professional manner. This was to grab any client's attention and mirror the nature and efficiency of work that his business facilitates.

Two more videos were commissioned on the back of the first to provide an overview of the professional tools available to the client.


Give A Gift

Calm dreamlike short video highlighting key features of business

Give A Gift, wanted a short video that covers the handmade nature of their personalised gifts business.


We decided to make the film dreamy and calming to reflect the thoughtfull gifts that Give A Gift provide. 

The pacing was slow and the colours were emphasised to make the visual imagery come alive. This again is purposeful to how vibrant the products were.

Bar Interior

Vossy Mobile Bars

Stylistic video that highlights how a local provider of vodka could be used to make a cocktail

JJ and Ian, owners of Vossy Mobile Bars, commissioned us to make a stylistic video that could promote one of their suppliers and improve their brand awareness on social media.

We had a great time collaborating to produce this film that captured their mobile bar in the best light possible.

Theater Group

Tick Tick Boom

A informational film that covers a the premise of a new show

Anthony was after a short film that had clips of rehearsals and interviews of the cast and crew to promote his new theatre production.


 We worked with the actors, that have had little to no experience with video interviews, to get the best out of them and create a rapport that would make them feel comfortable in front of the lens.

This enabled us to get some really engaging dialogue that would go on to hopefully make the audience feel optimistic and excited about the show. Ultimately, with the goal to sell more tickets. 

Art Fun

Sharon White's Tree Of Life

A feminine informational film about Sharon's latest pieces of art.

Sharon had made this fantastic piece of art with the help of other women and wanted to tell the story of how it has become a powerful collaboration of femininity.

We filmed Sharon talking about her creation whilst overlaying shots of the work at suitable times. This helped the audience to follow what Sharon was talking about and stay engaged.

In this instance, the client even provided their own imagery that we were able to incorporate into the film to add further context.


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